About company

"Avangard" production units:

  • Metalworking
  • Power industry and manufacture of electrical equipment
  • Powder coating
  • Zink coating
The production company "AVANGARD" is a progressive national manufacturer of high-quality banking, payment and vending equipment, and also is one of the leaders in the field of telecommunication, electrical and electro-technical equipment in Ukraine.
The company "AVANGARD" has got success in cooperation and development of foreign markets by offering products which are high-demand and competitive in the European Union, the CIS, Asia, South America and Africa.
The strong growth of the company is tightly related with the steady increase of the market of payment terminals in Ukraine and abroad. In this segment of the market LLC "AVANGARD" confidently holds the leading position. From year to year, the company has been increasing production capacity, improving the quality of the product, integrating new solutions, developing warranty and after sales service .
Over the last 10 years the design department of the company has developed more than 250 high-tech products.
The productive capacity of the company "AVANGARD" allows to materialize the most daring ideas of our clients, to realize creative solutions, implement innovative technologies and produce modern goods. 
Among the latest projects is to provide innovative solutions for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ministry of Transport, Metro, Mobile and largest Postal Operators, gas station chains and many others.
The next important stage in the company's development is the cooperation with the leading banks of Ukraine and neighboring countries. 

Over the last couple of years, the company "AVANGARD" successfully brought a number of conceptually new products, among which worth mentioning the following: Multifunctional ATM, Intelligent Cash Deposit Machine (Electronic Cashier), Banking Terminal with the function of exchange, Financial Terminal, Electronic Tempo Safe, Safe Deposit Lockers, Postamat and others in various modifications to the market of self-service banking. 
Currently, we have already installed thousands of Payment Terminals and other automated electronic devices on the entire territory of Ukraine thanks to the efforts of the employees of  "AVANGARD", our software and service partners in the banking and other financial institutions. In the short terms, it is planned to implement large projects in the banking sector of Ukraine, which will significantly increase the level of presence of banks in the regions and provide access to the professional 24- hour customer service. The company "AVANGARD", no doubt, is at the forefront of qualitative changes of the sphere of automation of banking, financial and trading sector.

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