Tempo Cash Desk

CASH IN Banknotes
Deposit Safe
Tempo Cash Desk produced by "AVANGARD" company is a deposit safe designed for the secure storage of cash, valuables and documents during the day in the workplace of the cashier operating cash desks of banking and other financial institutions, gas stations, shops, etc..
Tempo Cash Desk is primarily additional security measure, and also minimizes the risk for the cashier during attempted robbery because the cashier doesn't have any safe key or combination code lock.
• Tempo Cash Desk is placed under the cashier's desk and is intended for storage of cash during business day
• Safe with time delay opening is fitted with 4 drawers with programmable opening time for putting banknotes inside made 5 openings
• Top drawer equipped with plastic tray for 4 denominations
• Bottom drawer safe is designed to keep money separated by denominations in addition, the cassette for depositing money has a handle for easy movement, can be locked with the possibility of sealing. Part that stores cash deposited, separated from the upper boxes a special plate that prevents access to cash when you open the top drawer
• Cash drawer safes are anchored to the floor and can be connected to the security alarm system of the bank in order to prevent unauthorized access
• Opening of the drawers by pressing the corresponding keys on the control panel
• When the alarm is triggered or a panic button all the drawers are locked for 30 minutes

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