Block-container for diesel power plants

Standby power supply of telecommunication objects
Vandal-proof block-container enclosure
Block container for diesel power plants is designed to provide standby power supply of telecommunication objects with a possibility to implement remote control and monitoring of the main parameters, and consists of two main parts: a container and a diesel power plant.
Block vandal-resistant container designed to accommodate diesel power plants in the interior space and protection from unauthorized access. The container is also designed to ensure that the climatic conditions necessary for the normal operation of the diesel power station, perform the functions of fire alarm, automatic fire him, electrical supply, a complete monitoring.
Diesel power plant is designed for the direct performance of the main functions of the device - providing backup power telecommunication facilities. Diesel power plant consists of diesel generator sets, panels of its management, load transfer panel (ATS), charging device and the fuel tank.

Basic configuration of the block container for diesel power plants:
Vandal-proof block-container enclosure
Product passport

Optional equipments:
Diesel Generator Set
Control Panel
Load transfer panel (ATS)
Charging device AB
Fuel tank
User's manual

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