Telecommunication block-container

The block container modular
Telecommunication  block-container  BKM is intended for application in the field of building of base stations of a mobile communication. Its basic application - placing of all complex of the  telecommunication  equipment of mobile operators.  The   block  the  container  allows as fast as possible and to mount and place operatively in operation the  telecommunication  equipment or to move it on a new place.

Telecommunication  block-container  provides the maximum protection of the equipment of communication statements, its uninterrupted and steady work with stationary connection to feeding and  telecommunication  highways. Also, it has excellent antivandalnuju protection.  Telecommunication  block-container  consists of two basic parts: directly  container  which provides placing of the  telecommunication  equipment, and, also, systems of maintenance of ability to live in internal space, protection from unapproved access.
The system of maintenance of ability to live carries out functions of maintenance of environmental conditions.

Basic configuration of the telecommunication  block-container :
• Vandal-proof enclosure
• Ladder
• Anti-vandal Pipe
• Cablerost on the inner perimeter of the container
• Top cable entry
• Anchor fixing to the foundation
• Bottom cable entry
• The enclosure bottom cable entry
• Reinforcement panels for switchboards
• Ground bus bar with studs on the inner perimeter of the container
• "Gardian" locks
• Folding table
• Document pocket
• Passport and operational documentation

Main technical data optional equipment the tank unit:
The air conditioning system:
• Nominal working voltage 380V
• Operating temperature range, from -35 to +45
• The performance by the cold, 7,0 kW
• Heat output of 2.5 kW
• Maximum power consumption, 2.7 kW

The power supply system:
Nominal working voltage 380V
The number of incoming circuits, no more than 3
The number of outgoing circuits, 18
Nominal operating current, 63A
The short-circuit current withstand product, 6kA

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