What we use to produce your product

Punching and Laser Technology

The most modern Trumatic systems ensure highly flexible production both during punching, cutting and shaping with fully automated sheet feed. Our laser processing systems combine precision machine tools technology with laser technology. These systems are intended for cutting and surface treatment. They are suitable for processing metal sheets, pipes, and profiles, as well as three-dimensional workpieces.

Surface Techniques – Powder Coating System

Avangard not only professionally carries out punching and lasering in-house as standard but also paints in-house the machine cabinets themselves. A powder coating system which allows up to 250 different colors ensures the perfect appearance of the sheets. This is guaranteed using 8-zone pre-treatment using ZN phosphate, residual water dryer, Power + Fee conveyance system with storage, 3 automated powder containers, powder dryers, etc.

Assembly and Housing Constructions

After the individual housing parts are pre-manufactured (e.g. punching, lasering, bending, powdering), all parts are joined in the housing assembly area. In classical automobile construction technique, we rivet the rear walls, side parts, floors and roofs together. Then the door is fitted. Depending on the shift pattern (1 – 3), we can manufacture up to 8/10 different types and up to 1,000 vending machines per week. Additional steps such as installing cooling units, cable harnesses, and fitting other components are performed in final assembly. Final inspection is then carried out. Depending on the housing and machine type, a high-voltage test, a grounding conductor test as per VDE, or a visual test as per checklist (specifications) including a complete functional test may be performed.