Knowing what really matters

All of our innovations are a result of careful analysis, state-of-the-art technology, tried-and-tested know-how and decades of experience – only then can you be sure you’re getting what you really need. It is our goal to develop intuitive, simple and flexible  solutions that make your life easier and will support you going forward. This includes tapping into and carefully analyzing trends, recognizing and observing the constantly changing challenges in various sectors as well as identifying real needs at an early stage.

Based on our analyses, we use state-of-the-art technology, outstanding infrastructure and know-how to develop solid, future-proof solutions, products, features and services that meet both our and your requirements. And this helps make cashless payments even more secure and convenient. Today as well as in the future.

Design – Prototyping – 3D CAD

​The most accurate visualisation is the first step in any product development.

To give the customer an idea of the “look and feel” of the product at an early date, we use sophisticated design programs with 3D modelling. These methods create virtual prototypes which can be observed and optimized in a practically real environment. Our CAD 3D-supported workstations in our development and design department contribute greatly to our flexibility and capabilities.  We can optimize 3D drafts in detail very quickly to produce templates.

We store all the knowledge and experience gained from previous projects, so that we can utilize this know-how to benefit our customers when planning and designing their equipment. All work processes – from the initial idea to the final product – are performed by us completely in-house according to the saying: “Everything under one roof”.